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با سلام!

باز هم اولینی از تیم برنامه نویسی کلوپ برای یکی از محبوب ترین افزونه های کلوپ، که موقع انتشار سر و صدای زیادی را همراه داشت را با افتخار برای شما منتشر می کنیم.

تغییرات صورت گرفته در ورژن 2

As always this isn't possible without your feedback.
Hey PhpfoxClub Users, we have great and amazing release with new features:
1) In the first step, we changed the MODULE to new system ( APP ), with professional and modern programming that based on most modern technologies.
2) We've changed the all CORE Codes that now we have built a new, high-speed, high-end solution that we can be proud of.
3) All of the old settings v1.x.x have been removed, and now through the admin panel you'll be able to create unlimited user groups and customizations through the StaffBlock App.
4) The all we are trying to say that there are no Settings, no Limitations.
5) New design using modern methods in the block
6) New UI/UX and Responsive design.
7) We stopped supporting v3.x.x for Staff Block and focused on version 4 So we can give you the best. But you can still use the old versions of Staff Block for both Phpfox 3 and 4. But we also recommend that you update your script to the latest version and get new features with new, amazing and powerful Apps.
8) You no longer need to search the user group ID, which was a very difficult. Now you can simply enter the user group ID into the Database with just one simple click.
9) We removed some old features on the feed page that were not used by Users.
10) You no longer need to install and perform hard processes. Just upload the App with a simple click through the admin panel. The only thing that you absolutely have to do. ;)
11) Easy to Use.
12) and more...
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با تشکر: امیر بصیر
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